REQUEST: Christmas Miracle

Hello, I am a mother of three boys, the oldest is 21. I teach kindergarten in a after-school program. This year I've run in to some financial burdens, which is making it hard for me to afford Christmas gifts for my children. I am currently looking for full-time and am behind on my electricity bill. I understand many folks are struggling right now-- I still would like my boys to have what their heart's desire for Christmas.

My nine-year-old is Joshua. He wears size 10/12 for clothes and for shoes size 5. He is not picky with his style of clothing and usually wears joggers, jeans, shirts with collar and without, white t-shirts and boxers. He does like stylish socks though! His big wish is a game system (XBox One or PlayStation 4), I know that is a bit pricey but I think he deserves it as he battles with intense anxiety and I like to keep his mind clear of worrying. He is getting counseling, they said it is learned anxiety from me, sorry for babbling but he is the sweetest most loving and caring little boy you can meet. My Noah is your typical adorable one-year-old. He wears 24-2t clothing and size 6 shoes for toddlers. He would love a character chair or something to lounge in. I would love to get him a little riding car, really anything learning and age appropriate would be wonderful. We live in Georgia.

Thank you for taking the time out to address me, your kindness is more than appreciated.