REQUEST: Small Jobs & Income

I have read through most of this and find the offerings interesting and heartfelt ... thanks to everyone offering what you can to help, and I probably have asked for more than I should so I would like to offer my services in exchange ...

at the moment I am in transition from being a homeless vet to not being a homeless vet ... and I am currently in school at Bellevue ... I haven't any of the skills or services that most of you are offering, but I am able bodied so if you need some physical help I can do that ... or


1. house sit for any amount of time (references available) 2. pet sit for any amount of time (references available) 3. various household chores 4. gardening/yard work 5. if you think of something you might need help with ask me, I can probably help with that ...

I want to be able to support myself, but could really use some help from my community right now.

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