REQUEST: Home for Holidays


I am a middle aged Black female with a son in college in New York. I recently relocated from New York to South Carolina to be closer to my elderly mom who has serious medical issues. These two people are my world, and this was a tough move for me but I do everything I can to make sure they are as safe and happy as can be expected, because I believe loving family is everything! While I was fortunate enough to secure a home here in Columbia, SC I am currently unemployed and am using what little savings I have for basic survival and on my mothers medical needs. I miss my son terribly and have not seen him since July. I do not have money to fly him into Columbia, South Carolina for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If you have airline tickets (buddy passes?), or frequent flyer miles to donate to help me make this happen, it would be greatly appreciated. I want my hardworking son, who I am so proud of, to see his family, especially his grandmother. Thank you kindly, Val