#REQUEST: Self-Care at Standing Rock

My name is Jade Begay (Diné), and Reparations.me founder, Natasha Marin, and I have a shared vision for a special space devoted entirely to Self-Care at Standing Rock. Water Protectors of all backgrounds are generously giving their time, energy, and material wealth to do everything in their power to advocate for all of humankind right now. We need to prevent further desecration of sacred sites and the inevitable water and environmental poisoning that would be the result of this oil pipeline. This is difficult and draining work and the folks doing it need to know that they are loved and cared for as they love and care for us by protecting our water.

Photo Credit: Thosh Collins, Indian Country Today Media Network

To make this vision a reality, we really need individuals in our communities to help.

The following is a list of requested materials:

  • Large Tent - SATISFIED

  • Folding table - SATISFIED

  • Warm Blankets*

  • Pillows*

  • Floor Mats

  • Essentials oils (glycerin-based, the camp is requesting no alcohol on the premises)

  • Herbal Remedies

  • Salves - arnica to releive muscle tension

  • Chocolate & Other Yummy Treats

  • Tea - tension/stress relieving and immune building blends

  • Art supplies (coloring pens & pencils)

  • Books & Journals

  • Clothes - scarves, hats, sweaters etc.

  • Incense/Sage

  • Musical Instruments

  • Love Letters & Letters of Support

  • Self-Care Gift Packages

  • Supplies for the Sacred Stone Camp (Winter Coats, Winter Sleeping Bags, Camping Gear)

*These will be given away when the Self-Care Camp breaks.

If you are headed to Standing Rock and are a healing arts practitioner or would like to volunteer in the Self-Care & Solidarity Tent, please connect with Jade using the link below.

Jade will be leaving for Standing Rock, ND on Sunday, September 18th, so if you would like to help, connect with her to make shipping arrangements and donations towards this effort. Jade will be posting "Self-Care Check-Ins" from the site and sharing on social media. You can follow her on Facebook here.

Make a donation towards this effort via PayPal [attn: jade.begay@gmail.com]

Connect with Jade

Photo copyright Thosh Collins, Indian Country Today Media Network 2016.

Press Inquiries about the Self-Care Tent can be directed to Jade at 505-699-4791.