OFFERING: Artists of Color Workshop


Hi! We're offering an opportunity for people of color to gather with one of the most nurturing community facilitators out there. This workshop is free for people of color who are artists, arts administrators and those working in the arts & culture sector and will focus on what people of color need to help us feel supported, safe, and better able to be our full selves rather than token representatives of our race. How can we stay engaged in social justice change work and stay motivated against potential burn-out? Covering self-care techniques to strategies for POCs working in predominantly white organizations or running our own POC-led institutions, this workshop creates space for and prioritizes the needs of POCs. If you are an artist, arts administrator or work in the arts & cultural sector, please use the connect link below for a scholarship code so that you can attend for free.

Please note this is a local offering for Seattle area folks.

More Information Here: