REQUEST: Career Advice


Hello! I'm seeking career advice on becoming a librarian, and/or other possible careers related to archiving and information management. I'm a not-too-recent university graduate in east Los Angeles County who had been looking for a communications-related position for almost two years. Now that I'm in one, I think I'm more of an information sharer than a marketer. I've connected with a couple folks who have or are pursuing a MLIS degree.

I've been discouraged from pursuing librarianship due to competition, but I'd love to hear from other folks working in the field. I've never been able to seek career advice from my parents who never had the luxury of pursuing a career. My dad works in a warehouse making a little more than minimum wage and my mom is a restaurant server. I had some mentors a few years ago, around the time I graduated. None of them are in the library sciences field, but they were incredibly helpful when I was feeling hopeless about my career. I also struggle with my mental illness so some days I just need an alternative perspective or a little push to keep me going. An informational interview would be great.