REQUEST: Crisis Intervention


A few months, my mother, my only mother, had a stroke. I love her and want the best for her, especially since my father was murdered and she is my only surviving parent. She can not talk anymore and needs round-the-clock care. When I found out, I immediately flew to Miami to take care of her. My mother and I already have one of those nuanced and complex mother-daughter relationships that makes being her primary caretaker really challenging, but I'm trying my best to put my own emotional needs aside to deal with her health crisis. Yesterday, my mom's "boyfriend' attacked me. What does that mean exactly? He came at me full of machismo and punched me with closed fists, several times. Today, I'm nauseous, my head, neck, and shoulder hurt. My eyes are dry. I feel like I have a cold. I can't get that look of excitement he had on his face out of my head, while he trotted towards me with fists up like a boxer.

It's not easy to ask. I hate asking, but I need a break. Make fun if you want to, but I'm not okay. I was already swallowing my suffering and this is just too much. I need a couple days away from my mother, her boyfriend, and all the drama ... somewhere quiet, where no one is either attacking me or demanding all of my time and energy. I would also benefit from some kind of counseling. With VSee (it's like Skype) therapists can connect to their clients remotely. Do you have a therapist? Would they be willing to offer me a couple 50 minute sessions so I can get my head on straight again? It's not over. Not by a long shot. My mother's recovery is going to be a long road. Incidentally, when the police came post-assault, they concluded that my mother's boyfriend and I "didn't get along." How's that for justice? I suppose I was supposed to just let him beat the sh*t out of me?

If you can help, in anyway, please reach out.