REQUEST: Sanctuary

#REQUEST: Northern California

I quit my housekeeping job in the Richmond, VA state capitol to relocate to my hometown of Victoria, VA, and I had nothing lined up, no clue of what I wanted to do. I was fed up with working for poorly trained managers and corporate offices that didn't care about people. I also thought that at 25/26 I should have some idea about my life so I thought something was wrong with me. After talking to a close friend I decided to take time off from working to think about life and happiness and how to get back to a more stable Katrina. So I loaded my car with camping gear and a stack of self help books and set out!

At the end of the three weeks I only read one of the books (Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway) and spent the rest of my time cooking wonderful meals over an open fire, washing up in a saucepan, and generally avoiding people (other than my occasional joyride down the mountain to restock my supplies), and staring at that diseased tree.

The tree was ugly, with weird bumps and lumps, the trunk twisted, the leaves discolored and it generally left you with that yucky feeling like when you see or hear someone vomit, lol. But it was thriving! It was [mostly] green! It was still reaching for the sun! It just amazed me. It's incredible the lengths that nature will take to survive.

And you know, after that trip I just took a department store job, then was asked to go work for a hotel down the street, then I found myself gaining momentum and I took a job as a housekeeping supervisor in Philly working at a boutique hotel, and closed. After three months of me being there, working so hard to restore that poorly run cleaning department.... Everyone was laid off.

And that was the last straw. I went back home to Virginia and I had my little epiphany. I worked so hard to make a living but I wasn't living. I was barely hanging on, drowning in corporate bullsh*t. So, I decided that I wasn't going back. I wanted to do something that held meaning for me. I want to reach for the sun and live the best possible life. I just want to learn skills that allow me to live no matter who lays me off or beats me down and tells me I'm not good enough. And then I want to share that with other people.

I had a conversation with a homeless poet the other day, and he suggested I use my farm as a home for battered women and children, and they could live there and learn to work the land and take care of their children. And I think that's a great idea. I'm ready to learn all I can to make it reality.