OFFERING: Accountability Buddy

#Offering- Online Tutoring, Study Support, Career Support, in/or around Portland:

As a former high school history teacher, I have a bunch of old studying tricks and methods that can help people study almost any topic. I'd be happy to come up with a study plan for any subject, but I am personally able to tutor in social studies, history, personal finance, government, and basic economics.

Unfortunately, economics is my weakest subject but I can definitely tutor up to the high school (maybe early college) level. Let's try and we will see! I can also help with personal finance, studying for driver's licenses, and pretty much anything else that doesn't involve fractions. Have a studying request? I may have a study trick that can help!


Career coaching, resume building, Linkedin editing, and any other services that fall into the education and employment category. My day job is working as an employment specialist and am happy to share this training and network of resources with others.