I am a 25 year old, Black male college graduate, who packed up my life and moved to Seattle looking for a fresh start. I had no guarantees, just faith and preparation. I stayed in hostels the first few nights, then couch surfed, then rented a room, temporarily. In between I landed a great corporate rep position with Uber Seattle.

So, why am I on here? My income isn't impressive, yet. I am looking for help with housing. I need a reasonable, safe, space I can rent until I'm able to save enough money to get my own spot or come up with 1st, last month's rent and security on a decent place.

I'm a survivor, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to humble myself and ask for help. I'd love to meet for coffee and can provide great references. Anyway, thanks for reading this. I want to make it out here. I really believe I can with a little support getting established.

Kind regards.