REQUEST: Car Insurance Assistance



In order to get a Driver's License in North Carolina, you need insurance. In order to get insurance, you need a license (with some companies), or insurance history.

The only offer I've gotten while shopping around is about $1150 for six months, up front. I don't know when I'll be able to save that much, but if you can help me get insurance that would be a huge relief!


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It's demoralizing to know that I'm nearly 30 and finally have a "professional" job but, due to my old job forcing me to work as an independent contractor (still paying the taxes), student loans, medical bills and "young and dumb" debt, I still can't do this simple thing that most 18 year olds have the opportunity to do ... get from A to B in my own car and stop asking my friends for rides.

I'm tired, y'all. My body isn't dealing with all of the walking to/from bus stops like it used to. I don't leave the house on weekends unless I've promised a friend, and I don't often make those promises because I HATE having to be picked up. Having to rely solely on our unreliable public transportation and sometimes spotty (but always expensive) Uber service has cost me dearly already.

Any amount will be appreciated.

UPDATE: As of 8/24/16 $1,375 was raised by 24 people in 7 days!