REQUEST: Wheelchair Van

(SOUTH BEND, IN) I had a stroke at 57 and I became completely wheelchair bound at 69. I can no longer stand on my own. Before when I could stand, I used to go many places with my daughter and my grandchild. My daughter has an old minivan (12 years old) with a portable ramp she uses, but the van has many repair issues. We can't drive it far and that limits where we can go. We can't currently afford a wheelchair van. I'd like to see my childhood home in Alabama again. I am in good health in spite of my stroke and I miss going places. My beloved husband died in 1998. I am on a fixed income and hope someone can help me get access to a used or new wheelchair van. I want to enjoy life again on the road again. Thank you.

Please call 574-334-2892 if you can help.