OFFERING: 2-Seat Stroller & Pack'n'Play

(NEW HAVEN) Last weekend I was at the Farmer’s Market in New Haven. I overheard a woman saying that her stroller had been stolen. So I said, excuse me, my apologies for listening to your conversation, but I have a stroller that’s nearly new if you want it. She says, oh, I have twins. I point to Micah and Miles and say, it’s a double stroller. She looks uncomfortable, I’m black - that makes white people uncomfortable. I have a beard, children. Nothing scarier than a black father at the farmer’s market. I get that. I tell her, look, I’ll text you, if you want to pick it up, just let me know. I text her. A week goes by. Nothing.

So, I'm offering a two person stroller that converts to a sit and stand. I’m in New Haven, so you will have to be able to come and get it.