REQUEST: Art Support & Game Therapy

I live in Brooklyn, NY. I'm just your average black teen; 15 to be exact. I'm trying to raise my own money by doing art commissions, but my work isn't very popular to gain the funds. I enjoy playing games and would really appreciate a digital copy of Splatoon for Wii U. I can't really justify a luxury like this in my life right now, but the urge to escape into a game is powerful. I know that other people need


Here's a sample of my work:

A bit about me: I'm an only child who lives in an apartment in a pretty nice neighborhood. The people here are (kinda) nice and there's stores everywhere. In my home, it's pretty ok too. I have a loving mom who's a nurse but is under a lot of stress and a carefree dad who has a job as a real estate worker. It's getting pretty hard to pay the bills for mom. Now there is disharmony between my parents. On Sunday, I was told by my mom that she was planning to file for separation this week. It's because my dad hasn't been doing his part in the relationship since he hasn't had a steady job with a steady income in years and refuses to find one to support us. It hit me really hard and I've been phasing through emotions of sadness, anger, and indifference. I even had to cut contact off with a lot of my friends with the exception of my two closest buds. But I know things'll get better...hopefully. I go to high school as a vocal major, but I really want to go to college to major in Pre-Med to become a pediatrician. I'm fascinated with the workings of the human body and all things medical. I also always like to make kids happy and help them, so it's kinda like a calling for me. My family has a history with nurses as well, so they help me with my curiosity of the workplace by answering my many questions. Although my goal is to become a doctor, I've been uncertain. I also want to sing as part of my career but it just seems to risky to go to college with that dream. Though I have these dreams, it's going to be really hard to achieve them. Mom can't afford to send me to college and Dad already emptied out my college funds account. I'm going to try really hard to get a scholarship or else it's going to be a student loan nightmare.