Feedback & Encouragement

I just learned of your Reparations website. I'm sorry that you have had to deal with terrible comments. I'm also sorry to say that I am not surprised. I am a 74-year-old, white (mainly) male with parental roots in the deep south who grew up relatively free of racist thinking. I've long known that my life, though hard, was easier because of the color of my skin. The term "white, male privilege" is new to me and something I've been exploring. I realize that I'll never fully know what it is like for a PoC to live from day-to-day with the horrific racism I see around me daily (and I live in Bloomington, IN, a very liberal city). You've been accused of playing on white guilt over slavery. If you are doing anything like that I'd think it is using white guilt that recognizes their privilege and guilt over the way PoC are treated in our society. I was not a part of the slavery era and all that connects me to it is the color of my skin so it's hard for me to feel guilt over something I didn't participate in nor condone. However, I am very much a part of the racist society of today. Spike Lee said that all white people are racists. He explained that he meant that racism is such an integral part of our culture that it's impossible not to be tainted by the perversity while growing up. I believe that the shame for this situation must lie on all white people. I admire what you are doing. Helping others is what I think life and living is about regardless of race or any other descriptive box into which we put people. Blacks have been consistently under-served in our society (and I believe Native Americans as well). So anything that helps break the cycle, helps to lift a person's spirit and give them an opportunity for a better, happier and healthier life I unequivocally support. Thank you, C W

PS: Is there anything racist in what I've written? If so would you please share it with me. I am still learning how pervasive racism is. I don't know if it's possible but I would like to root out every vestige of it in myself. So thanks, in advance, for your help. And, again, thanks for the Reparations website.