REQUEST: Engagement Ring

#REQUEST: Engagement Ring

I have been through enough heartache to last a million lifetimes, and now, I've found my ONE. And I want to ask her for her hand till the end of time. I am one of the parents of two absolutely awesome kids ... myself and their father are no longer together, but with their stepmother and her family, we try to make it work. I also work full-time for a federally-funded non-profit, am currently a student, and a performer. I try to love to my full ability and to be positive, but the tide of the world brings the tears in high. Things seem so grim, especially as the parent of black children ... I cry so often, but I have to push forward with positivity to be a great example. When times are heavy, my partner allows me to let me tears go. She allows me to voice my hurt and frustration, and she continues to love me, even when I am angry at the world. She holds me up when all this is weighing me down, and to her, I am so loving appreciative. We have even moved into a home together, and I am trying my best to fix my credit and hold my own so that she doesn't have to hold us both up.

It's hard. I have so much pride. Today, I'm eating some of it for this ask ... I want to marry this amazing woman. I want to spend all the moments being her wife and partner in this life. But I cannot afford to get her a ring. I am struggling so hard to pay my part of the mortgage, and pay on a loan to rebuild my credit, as well as financial needs of my kids... I would love to give this woman a beautiful engagement ring. Perhaps you could help me make that possible.