OFFERING: Dog Training

#Offering: Dog behavior & training support / coaching for pet dogs and service dogs

Dog behavior & training support / coaching for pet dogs and service dogs (in Oakland, CA, or anywhere in the world through video chat) I'm Filipina-American, with multiple disabilities, but I am relatively privileged in this area and would like to offer the skills I have! This work takes a lot of my emotional and physical energy but I love being able to help people and dogs - so if you are white or if you have money to spare, I would appreciate a donation! If you would like to support the service dog program, you can help sponsor the costs of dog care for low-income disabled people of color. I specialize in assistance dog training, and coaching disabled people to teach their own service dogs. This is immensely helpful for low-income disabled people who are unable to afford the cost of $20000+ dogs from a program, but have the time and patience to dedicate to teaching their own dogs with my assistance. (I have experience with teaching dogs for mobility support, seizure alert/response, hearing alert, diabetic alert, retrieving objects, allergen detection, autism support, PTSD support, and other types of psychiatric and medical alert/response tasks.) I also work with pet dogs who have behavior problems, and I have extensive experience with fearful, reactive, and aggressive dogs. I've lived with and worked with many dogs with "issues" and I know what it's like - I can help! The methods I use are force-free and based in positive reinforcement. No intimidation, domination, violence, or pain involved, and no choke/prong/shock collars - I will help you teach your dog to choose appropriate behaviors and enjoy listening to you. I am offering this service for free to people of color - all I ask is that you are dedicated to practicing and playing games with your dog so that you can see some progress after our coaching sessions :)