OFFERING: Homework Help & Tutoring

Hi, I live in North Portland, Or. I am French and I immigrated in Oregon 5 years ago, my financial resources are very limited but I can make time to help around.

Unfortunately, I do not drive nor own a car, but here is a list of things I can offer:

  • I can help with babysitting of taking care of your kid(s) while you run errands, are at work or just to give you a day of rest!!! I can program fun activities to the park, art activities in my garden or at home if the weather is not nice, cook lunches. I have a French diploma for child care. I was a camp counselor for years with associations helping kids growing in poverty. I can host, once a week, kids during afternoons or full days, and I'll be happy to share with them my passion for creative activities, gardening and growing vegetables, cooking, play fun board games, read books.

  • For back to school I can cook home-made lunches and prep lunch bags for your kids/teens/students when you need it.

  • I can teach French to kids, but also help teenagers, young adults and adults who want to learn a new language or refresh their level in that language.

  • If you just arrived in the US, I can also help learning English from my own non-native speaker experience.

  • If you're a student and you need a quiet place to do you're homework, you are welcome to come to my home, sit at a desk, work, eat dinner with us and go back home. It's just me and my husband and 2 cats. Maybe the cats will want to sit and sleep on your homework, but that's what cats do!

  • I can also help teach gardening basics for families who have the space to build a garden bed, or can have larger flower pots, and help people grow simple fresh veggies for their families without too much work.

  • I can bike to your place, help you find material, share my seeds with you and teach you how to garden. And since I've started recently to make my own DIY natural deodorant, I'll be happy to host sessions with women/girls to teach how to make their own natural body care!