REQUEST: Art Supplies & Snacks

If you have art supplies that are collecting dust, a hoard of would-be creations that might become the building blocks for something new ... if you want to rid yourself of what you no longer need and declutter, please consider sharing your art supplies (and snacks) with my art class today. The class, put on by Path With Art, begins at 3pm on Aug 12th, but if you could drop off supplies near the sheltered area the students, many of whom are living in transition, could benefit directly from your generosity.

We all deserve to have access to our creative sides. Your generosity could make a difference!


For some, the compounding effects of poverty, mental illness, or lack of a family support system can lead to a downward spiral where inner wounds manifest in homelessness, addiction, and disconnection from society. The results can be seen every day in every city across the U.S. We believe creative engagement is a powerful means to reconnect individuals to self and self-worth. It is also a powerful tool for understanding and appreciating one other's humanity. Creativity is both a product and a salve for the hurt places, as George Braque writes: “Art is a wound, turned into light.”