REQUEST: Tuition Assistance

I started studying math and computer science at UPenn for 3 years now (GPA 3.2) to become a financial analyst and "make something of myself" and to help people manage their money, but this last year my mother said she and her mother can't afford to help me pay for tuition anymore. I have 1 year left until I graduate. I work a part-time job while I study too and I have loans but I still don't make enough. I need $6000 to be able to go back to school next semester. I feel so close to graduating and I've been studying so hard and it is really stressful not knowing whether or not I'll ever be able to finish makes it really difficult.

I can email you from my school account to verify my enrollment if you need me to.

I don't want to give up, so if anyone could help me out, I will be forever thankful.

I just want to finish my last year of school.

Thank you, and please share.

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