OFFERING: Academic Support

Offering: Academic grants/scholarships/applications review and writing assistance

I'm a recent PhD graduate in a STEM field. I have been successful in getting awards and have been on award committees so I have some ideas of what can make a successful application, from smaller grants like travel funding to larger fellowships and honors. Sometimes these applications have coded academic language that makes it difficult to know what the committee is looking for from applicants.

I can help you navigate unclear and unfamiliar language to make a solid CV, request letter, or whatever else you need. I can also take a look at your application and let you know how I'd rate it before you send it off. I'm willing to lend an ear if you have any frustrations that you need to get off your chest. I'm a bit of a nomad at the moment but my Skype and e-mail are working. I can't guarantee success, but I can definitely offer some of my time.