OFFERING: Crisis Intervention

I'm in Philadelphia. I can offer: Crisis intervention: I am a volunteer for IMAlive and I have over 2 years of experience. Crisis intervention is basically just having training to be someone's ear. It is NOT counseling. I am not a counselor. I act as a listener and supporter that empowers you to take steps forward or just figure out how to survive the next hour.

+Writing help: I can help with academic writing and creative writing. I can help write grants. I am not perfect but I do have experience and can catch inconsistencies and point out new directions easily.

+Research help: I can help with academic research. I can show you how to use Google Scholar and other databases, and where you can obtain them. I can help you with book research.

+Introductory Sociology help: I have an undergrad degree in Sociology. I can help with understanding concepts.

Best wishes always.