OFFERING: Energy Clearing

OFFERING - house or personal energy clearing

When we become stressed, our energy and that around us can bind and kink, which blocks the flow of what is in our highest and best good. It's a bit like bending a hose in half. Not only does the flow stop, but pressure builds behind it, creating more stress. An energy clearing moves those blocks and restores flow. For the spaces we live in or where we have our businesses, we may also be immersing ourselves in all of the stress of those who have come before us. Prior tenants, homeowners, businesses, customers, etc., leave their own energetic ties when a stressful situation occurs. And those stay on, even though the person has long since headed for greener pastures. If you would like a personal clearing for yourself, a clearing for a stressful relationship or situation, or a space clearing, please let me know. I'd be honored to help out.