There Is Something You Can Do

Since Friday, July 15th, when the social experiment Reparations launched on Facebook, people have been responding to a need to DO SOMETHING in a time of widespread feelings of powerlessness that cross demographic lines. Many people have reached out to make Offerings to offset the pain and trauma many of us have no choice but to experience. Others have bravely made requests-- taking the time to really consider what could make a substantial difference in their lives. Many connections have been made.

But maybe you don't have money, but still want to give and be generous? Maybe you made a request that's been satisfied and want to pay it forward? Maybe you have some time on your hands and not enough cat videos to watch?

No matter what your motivation is, THERE IS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO.

Be a Connector. Connectors are willing to take their time and energy and transmute it into SATISFACTION.

How does this work?

1. Read through the existing REQUESTS and adopt one you would like to see through to completion.

2. Take your adopted REQUEST and connect with the person who made it.

Introduce yourself and ask them if their request has already been satisfied.

If it has been satisfied already, please let me know so I can update the site.

3. Once you have a REQUEST to work on that still needs to be satisfied, use your friend, Google, to research what local organizations, businesses, and/or professionals (in the area local to the REQUEST) might be able to offer in-kind and/or free services to meet this need.

4. Petition them on behalf of the person making the original REQUEST with a carefully crafted email introducing yourself and your understanding and experience of the project.

5. Be sure to include the URL of the specific REQUEST that you have adopted, so interested parties can easily connect.

Here is a SAMPLE EMAIL you can use.

Questions? Ask them on the Facebook Event Page for quicker responses.