REQUEST: Marketing Support

REQUEST: Marketing Support I need help to get my YouTube channel, blog, and website and to help people who are living with Primary Lymphedema up and running.

Lymphedema is a very challenging, extremely debilitating condition that causes extreme swelling in various parts of the body due to damage to or a blockage in the lymphatic system. I was born with this and have been managing to keep it under control for 40 years. However, I was only able to do this through very strong self-advocacy. Very little is known about the condition and even worse many of the medical equipment and tools necessary to properly care for the condition are not covered by insurance.

I'd now like to help others do the same but I need the funding and support to make this desire into a reality. The need is great yet there is practically no one offering this to the people in need. Self-advocacy is critical and I want to help people identify what they need, come up with a plan and then advocate for what they need.