OFFERING: Writing Coach & Support

OFFERING: Writing coaching, academic coaching (grad school applications, applying for teaching work)

I'm offering an hour or two of coaching (I use GoToMeeting) or an email exchange answering your questions until we both get tired.

My experience: I'm the author of two memoirs published by large publishing houses and have taught in higher education for 25 years. My primary work is as a writing teacher for memoirists. (You can read about my work at

However, I can help with any of the following: Grad school applications, particularly personal statements (the arts and humanities). Tips on getting hired for first teaching jobs and brainstorming on how you might apply those tips Anything you want to know about how to get published and how to survive getting published How to get a literary agent How to write a book proposal How to pitch ideas to magazine and online site editors How to write a personal essay (I taught a class on How to Write a Modern Love with the NYT Editor Dan Jones. Just ask and I'll send you the link to recording). How to write a memoir (I have taped lectures on this topic. Just ask and I'll send you the links to the recordings)