REQUEST: Computer for School

Request: New computer for school

Started at Udacity studying Android App Development and am in need of a powerful computer not only to use for my studies but as a replacement from the five-year-old model I have now. Understand that I use this computer, for coding, music, writing, social media, and main communication. It is an essential need and I use it daily. This laptop will not only help me develop and design my own website and business ventures, but will also provide the opportunity to create, arrange, and produce music one of my greatest passions. This is not a toy but a powerful tool that will empower me to advance my goals effectively.

Should you have the ability and chose to purchase it through my Amazon wish list, this gofundme will immediately stop.

My asking you is not about the money but acquiring the tool to reach my goal.

Thank you for reading and I hope you contribute. Regards, Alan Motley Help spread the word!