REQUEST: Self-Care & Stress Relief

Greetings, My heart beats as I type this. Asking and receiving are not two things that I'd say are my strong points. In fact, I was raised not to ask for much unless you are bleeding out but here I am typing away in this black box (breathing.)

I spend a lot of time mothering, nurturing, healing others and happily sharing my gifts. I wouldn't trade any of that in. What I have noticed is that I do not spend as much time providing myself with self care as often as I should and I have also noticed stress is a GIANT killer in the African American woman community. The following request are based on that.

Thank you in advance to anyone who wants to give me an opportunity to practice receiving without guilt or apology.

1. A 90 min. massage

2. 3 Naturopathic visits

3. Chakra cleanse

4. Acupuncture

5. $1,600 (August rent)

6. Year membership to Ritual House yoga

7. Trader Joe's gift card.