REQUEST: Professional Support, etc.

Ok, here goes. I am between jobs right now and was on an unplanned self-care hiatus for almost a year since moving home. I love the west coast and tried to find a job there out of school so I could stay, but couldn't get my first college-level teaching job. My lease was ending and I had to move back to my mom's house in Texas.

I love bonding with mom and relatives, but the house is not conducive to writing (I am a Writer). I don't get funds and have no savings. I have focused on taking care of my physical health (recently diagnosed diabetic) and mental health (depression).

Therapy has been very helpful and I have tools to work with in my emotional management and am now ready to update my resume and portfolio. I have a favorite writing spot that I have not been able to access as much because of no funds since returning.

Here are ways you can help me:

1. Mentor: Look over my resume, and portfolio and give me feedback a few times. I want to teach city college to build classroom teaching experience and eventually teach at a university (while I actively finish my memoir and write for publications). I just need a boost, a chance. 2. La Madeline's gift card: $50 or $100 to buy the coffee that I sip while writing and working on papers. 3. Starbucks gift card. 4. Gym membership-3 month or 1 year: for access to a pool and exercise equipment to lower my weight and effectively reversing diabetes and getting off the meds.

Connect. Just throwing it out there.