REQUEST: Get Outa Dodge!

I've devoted most of my adult life to feminist activism and advocating for domestic violence and abuse victims. Recently, I read an article recently about a "Fuck Off Fund" ( , and shared it on my social media accounts. I didn't realize that I was being abused and that I needed a "Fuck Off Fund".......

My relationship with my son's father has always been toxic. Before my son was born, he became very abusive and eventually kicked me out of our home when I was in my first trimester. Over the years, I've endured physical and financial abuse, constant gaslighting, and verbal abuse, and our son has constantly been neglected emotionally and financially. Despite this, I managed to get a place of our own with our pets, enroll my son into a Reggio Emilia Preschool Program, and return to school and work, with no help from my co-parent in any aspect. My son's father has sabotaged nearly every opportunity that I have been afforded by not being supportive, bailing on visits, and not financially supporting our son, despite being on court-ordered child support. In the past six months, things have escalated- he's thrown things at me, screamed and berated me in front of our son, ripped my son from my arms, and threatened to take our son away from me. His actions and inconsistency have affected my son, as well. Recently, he has become very withdrawn and easily upset. His father has bailed on Skype Calls so much that our son cries whenever he walks past our computer and does not see his dad there. Furthermore, it's heartbreaking for me to see the look on my son's face when we prepare for a Skype call and his father does not answer. I am currently being treated for PTSD that developed during my pregnancy after enduring homelessness and the abuse that caused it.In recent weeks, I sunk into a deep depression and attempted suicide twice. I began to realize that it was time to make a change because I am all that my son has. Because of this, I decided to plan to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia. I am currently finishing a triple Bachelor's Degree in Human Services/Education/Ethnic, Gender, Labor Studies and have applied to Clark Atlanta's African American Studies Graduate Program, as well as for Metro Atlanta's Teach For America program. By next Spring, I plan to finish school, secure a teaching position, leaving our current place, and purchasing a small home in Atlanta where my son and I can be safe and free from abuse and manipulation. Leaving here can finally help me end a 3 year cycle of physical, emotional, financial, and verbal abuse. Your donations would go to immediate needs, such as food, utilities, and toiletries, as well as long term help to recover from lack of support from my son's father. This is not a choice that I have made lightly, and it will take time and multiple steps to reach this goal. But, I'm determined to fight for me and my son's future, happiness, and health. *UPDATE* With recent events and crimes committed against African Americans, I've decided that it is in our best interest to leave America, even if it is short term. As an Adrican American mother to an African American child who has previously endured police brutality, I no longer feel safe in the country that we were born in. Your donations would immediately go to our passports, my sons legal name change, airfare, and ESL training to allow me to teach overseas.

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