REQUEST: Angel Investor

I am the kind of person, who has trouble asking for help. This may be unrealistic, but I need an investor for my million dollar ideas. I work hard- tirelessly, over 80 hours a week, with 3 jobs. I have made so many white people rich, but not myself. I host monthly community events, I feed the homeless and friends alike when I can, and donate/ raise thousands of dollars to causes I believe in.

I have a great life, a tidy home, food on my table, bills are always paid, but it's been so hard for me to build a fund to really start a sustainable business of my own. I have wonderful ideas, I'm creative, I'm talented. I've been written up in several press and media but success seems so far, and I'm still struggling! If not an investment in my ideas, I would love for someone to invite me over for dinner sometime to just talk about my dreams and goals.