OFFERING: Cleaning, Organizing, etc.

I clean for a living and have gotten pretty good at cleaning and organizing spaces! I've never tried offering this service to others outside of spaces I'm familiar with but would love to give it a shot! For simple standard cleaning/organizing I'd be happy to offer this service myself (vacuuming, mopping, wiping down counters, sinks, bathrooms, folding and general tidying) and for deep clean projects I could be there as an assistant or work with another person from this group! I have some cleaning supplies I can bring.

Also I work as an event planner and would be happy to lend event coordination services! I'm mostly familiar with birthday parties and weddings but also work a lot with performing arts and literary readings. I am an experienced bartender and can help create drink menus and set up an easy temporary bar. I can try and help find the best options for your budget!


These are both services I do for a living at a particular place and have never offered elsewhere, but I'd love to try!

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