REQUEST: Physical Care, etc.

I'm in Baltimore. I do eldercare for my grandparents who are 101 and 97. Both have been highly involved in black community. My grandfather was an engraver for the Baltimore Afro-American Newspaper and was involved in getting a black news printers Union. My grandmother was a Baltimore City schoolteacher and a pioneer of headstart in Baltimore.

I need assistance. I work 12-15 hour days. I sleep at about 1am wake up to change them at 4am go back to sleep around 5 and start my day all over at 9. I'm in physical pain daily, often unable to turn my head to the left and daily back pain. I have 6 hours of paid help a week which costs $100/week for 6 hours. That's a steal because she's my niece.

Here's what I need:

**Someone trustworthy to assist with physical care so I can go out and do other things. You do not need to have a medical background and I can train you. You just need patience and some physical strength and not afraid of pee and poop.

**massage/bodywork: I take1500 mg of Tylenol daily just to move. It's not doing much anymore.

**someone to do laundry at a laundrymat weekly. Laundry service is over $100 a week. It costs about $20-$30 to do it at a laundrymat. I need someone to pick up laundry, do it, and deliver it back

**help with dishes/cleaning/home repair

**contributions to an upcoming gofundme for home repair.

This is for me, yes, but it's also for black elders who have served their community and need comfort and rest.


Again, I'm in Baltimore.